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Associate Intern

Mithuna M_edited_edited.jpg

Mithuna, a fifth year B.A. / LL.B. student at Jindal Global Law School, distinguishes herself as a dynamic and accomplished individual with a robust foundation in the legal field. 

Her skills have been honed through valuable experiences at firms such as Dua Associates and MZD Legal Consultancy, reflecting her commitment to excellence. Mithuna’s embodiment of core values earned her the prestigious Founders Award for Human Values, known as The Satya Paul Award, underscoring her dedication to ethical practices.


With a profound interest in Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property, Mithuna’s academic journey is marked by her notable contributions to diverse legal domains. She brings a unique perspective and dedication to her work, demonstrated through her dynamic engagement with the intricacies of law. Beyond her legal pursuits, Mithuna is a classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer, showcasing her passion for the arts and a dedication to a holistic lifestyle. As she approaches the culmination of her academic journey, Mithuna is poised to make significant contributions to the legal profession, blending her intellectual acumen, practical experiences, and diverse interests for a promising future ahead.

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